The YMJ series motors incorporate the advanced GEROLOR gear set which reduces internal friction to a minimum and a“COMMUTATOR VALVE” distributions system which is internally balanced to reduce friction, leakage and permit better speed control. Producing higher efficiency, smoother rotation, higher speed and pressure.
This series also has many sizes and options to make it very flexible for many applications. The output shaft is supported by needle bearings for high radial and axial load for heavy duty applications.
Distribution Type: Commutator Distribution
Model: YMJ
Displacement: [in.3/rev] [4.08-22.57], cm3/rev. 66.8-370
Max. Operating Pressure: [PSI] [2900], MPa 20
Speed Range: RPM 842
Max. Output Power: [HP] [23.99], Kw 17.9
Shaft Seals:                           High pressure shaft seals permit the parallel or series application without the need of a drain line.
Low Speed Valving:           These motors are manufactured following strict procedures to reduce tolerances between all components to permit lower speed, higher efficiency and smoother rotation at very low speeds. These motors are not for high speed or low pressure applications.
Free Wheeling:                     These motors are created for applications where freewheeling is required or could be beneficial to the best results of the application and longer life for the motors and other components.
Special Motors:                    These motors have a variety of special options like nickel plated shafts or housings for corrosive environments and applications.
For optimum results the following working conditions are recommended:
*        Oil temperature should be between 20o - 60o C [68o - 180o F]
*        Oil filter of 10 - 20 micron
*        Oil viscosity 42 - 74 mm2 at 40o C
*        Different shafts are used when there is a radial load or not. Check data pages
*        For longer life we suggest the motor at start up, run for a shorter period of time (one hour) at no more than 30% of rated speed and pressure.